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Our company was established in the early 1920's to provide Modellers with the latest Products and the Best Advice.

The Slogan " Pioneers & Leaders " was the company motto & today we still strive to provide the most up to date modelling products available and give the best advice possible.

We learned long ago that it is very difficult to try and cover too many of the hobby topics. The industry is so diverse, that we have actively moved towards covering a select number of products and doing these products well.


Our core products are:

  • Plastic model kits - all types
  • Tamiya radio control cars, trucks & tanks - including servicing
  • Radio Control Aircraft
  • Balsa models
  • Wargaming products
  • Rockets
  • Diecast model replicas and collectibles
  • Reference books, magazines and DVD's
  • Tools, paints and construction materials
  • Airbrush & Compressors - including servicing
  • Weathering Products from AK and AMMO
  • Custom model building service

Our Team


Interests R/C Cars , Aircraft , Balsa wood Models , Mechanical & Electronic stuff.



Interests Military Models, German WW2 Aircraft & Wingnut Wings WW1 kitsets



Interests Aircraft , Ships , Fast Cars , Military Vehicles , if its a plastic kit he probably has built it or seen it.



Interests British Aircraft & Jets from WW2 to Modern, Warships 



Interests Modern Jets


We look forward to serving the needs of Kiwi modellers now and into the future.

You can call (09 520 1236)
email us at modelair@xtra.co.nz




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